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We are also one of the few approved applicators for the following:
  • Duracron
  • Duranar
  • Duranar ADS
  • Coraflon ADS
  • Acrodize/Acroflur
  • Flurodize/Fluropon
  • Trinar
  • Interpon D

Altech Custom Coaters Ltd standard paints listed by supplier

AAMA 2605      ~       70% Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000®      
Valspar: Fluropon
Fluropon Classic II
Fluropon Classic
Fluropon Premiere
Fluropon Special
(2 coat, non-exotic)
(2 coat, mica)
(3 coat, metallic requires clear coat)
(3 coat, exotic requires clear coat)
(3 coat, exotic requires high film)
PPG: Duranar
Duranar XL
Duranar Sunstorm
(2 coat, non-exotic)
(3 coat, requires a clear coat, exotics, and metallics)
(2 coat, mica)
(2 coat, 100% fluoropolymer)
Akzo: Trinar
(2 coat, non-exotic)
(2 coat, mica)
AAMA 2604 ~50% Kynar and Hylar®
Valspar: Acroflur
Acrodize Hardcoat
(harder finish)
Akzo: Aluma-A-Star
PPG: Acrynar
AAMA 2603 ~ Baked Enamel
Akzo: Acrabond Plus
PPG: Duracron